Professional Pharmacy Services

Professional Pharmacy Services In North London

Pharmacy Warehouse offers a full range of Professional Pharmacy Services in North London.

Anti-Malarial Medication

Pharmacy Warehouse offers all-in-one malaria prevention service, we assess your individual need in our private consulting area, and advise you on the most effective malaria prevention tablets for your journey. The medications we offer include: Malarone: Tablets the most popular antimalarial, least side effects, least tablets to take. Lariam: Tablets antimalarial, once weekly administration. Doxycycline: Tablets antimalarial, cheapest available. The above listed Prescription only medicine can be supplied without the need of prescription and with no appointment in the pharmacy.

Blood Glucose Test and Diabetes Assessment

Diabetes is a progressive condition and Pharmacy Warehouse can help you reduce the risks of long-term complications such as heart diseases and blood pressure associated with the condition. With a Diabetes Assessment and Blood Glucose test, we can see if you are at risk of the developing these conditions. You can talk to our pharmacists if you think you might be at risk or require further information of diabetes.

Blood Pressure Check

We offer our customers Blood Pressure assessment allowing us and you, to understand your blood pressure and its affects. Our pharmacists can help answer your questions and offer advice on lifestyle changes that could benefit you and help keep your blood pressure in control.

Cardio Risk Assessment

These tests provided by our Pharmacy help indicate your chances of having a heart attack, stroke, or any other cardiovascular problems. They help us assess the degree of risk, and provide advice on how to better look after yourself in order to prevent or minimise the risks.

Chlamydia Screening/Treatment

We offer advice and Chlamydia testing packs at our Pharmacy. We can also send these testing packs to your house and you can test yourself in the privacy of your home.

Cholesterol, Lipid Profile Test

This service is offered at a consultation session, where cholesterol levels and blood pressure readings will be taken to estimate the health of your heart. The results will be provided instantly, and based on the results individualised advice and information is given.

Dispensing for Special Needs

In accordance the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) we aim to offer support to those who are in need. Where required we provide medication in easy open bottles or in weekly medication packs. Residents in Care Homes receive their dispensing via our Monitored Dosage System which is designed to help Nurses and Carers manage medication easily.

Door step delivery

We provide next day delivery service to your doorstep either through our couriers, Royal mail special delivery , or through DHL for international deliveries or couriers of customer choice.

Erectile Dysfunction Service

Pharmacywarehouse2u offers a FREE Erectile Dysfunction (ED) service that can help determine any lifestyle factors that may be contributing to the ED, and whether medical treatment is appropriate. This service is held in a private consultation area, in a discreet and confidential manner. The consultation will include assessing your current medicines which may be contributing to your ED. We can screen you for possible underlying health causes and provide you with information and contacts for experts in the field. We also provide you with effective ED treatments if appropriate such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra.

Express Travel clinic/holiday healthcare

We have specialist travel clinic where the pharmacist provide specialist advice with low fee,less hassle without appointment/ prescriptions and travel vaccination done by in house trained pharmacist. The following services is provided at the pharmacy warehouse2u pharmacy; Dip/tet/polio Hepatitis A Hepatitis B (for travel and occupational health) Typhoid (intramuscular and oral preparations) Combination Hepatitis A & Typhoid Combination Hepatitis A & B Rabies Cholera (Oral) MMR Meningitis (all preparations) Japanese Encephalitis Tick-borne Encephalitis Malarone and Malarone Paediatric Doxycycline Lariam Adrenaline (in case of anaphylaxis).

Health Awareness & Self-Care

Our pharmacists is available to answer any questions on healthier lifestyles such as how to enjoy healthy diets or stop smoking. We can recommend resources and guidance on how you can take care of your own health or that of your residents and also direct you to other sources of advice and assistance if needed. We are also able to sell equipment and diagnostic kits to allow you to monitor your own health. We have vast amount of leaflets and information on our website regarding health awareness and healthy lifestyles.

Health Check (BMI, Cardio & Diabetes Assessment)

Our comprehensive Health Check includes Diabetes Screening, BMI check and a Cardio assessment, all done by specially trained and qualified members of staff. Results are available within 2-3 days after completing the tests, and a consultation session with the Pharmacists is scheduled to discuss the results with you.

Medicine containers

All medicines containers are dispensed in child resistant containers unless requested otherwise, please remember to keep all medicines out of children reach and sight of children.our pharmacist have vast experience to give professional advice on safe storage of medicines.

Medicines Use Review (MUR)

The Medicines Use Review service offers adherence-centred reviews with patients by accredited pharmacists on different medications, especially with patients receiving medications for long-term conditions. It allows the patient to better understand their circumstances with prescribed and non-prescribed medications. It will also help them understand therapy sessions, and any other problems they may have. This service is offered face to face in our private consultation room.

Minor Ailments schemes

This is a new NHS service for people, including children, who don’t pay for prescription charges. This service allows our Pharmacist to dispense you medicines on the NHS if they decide you are in need of it based on their assessment without you having to pay for it. This service will save you from making an appointment with your GP simply to get a prescription.

NHS Stop Smoking Service

In addition to offering help and advice on stopping smoking, our pharmacist can advise on a wide range of nicotine replacement products that are available to support you to stop smoking.

Patient Medication Records

We hold records of every prescription and dispensing transactions. We also hold appropriate personal details of patients we dispense for this allows us to check for possible problems such interactions between medicine regimen and also help us deal with any queries you may have.Consent is provided under contract with the Care Home or individually by the patient. All information held is for the exclusive use of Pharmacy warehouse ltd and is never made available to any third party. We comply with Data Protection Act and NHS code of practice on confidentiality.

Private medicines

For certain clinical conditions that are suitable for distance consultation our UK GMC registered Doctor can provide you with a free online consultation. You must register with us before this service can be provided. Your private prescription will only be issued after a successful online consultation has been completed. You can get the treatment for conditions below if you are included in the PGD and can get treatment without doctor’s prescription and appointment either by walking to our chemist or by online consultation.
Weight Loss: Xenical
Salbutamol: Ventolin
Quit Smoking: Champix
Hair Loss: Propecia
Emergency Hormonal Contraception: Levonelle, Ella One

Repeat Dispensing

We operate the Repeat Dispensing program used by many surgeries. Our systems allow us to hold each issue and release it on a timely basis. We communicate with surgeries when required about discontinued items or changes to therapy.we are operate electronic prescription where you can nominate us to dispense and deliver your medicines right to door step without your leaving comfort of your house or workplace. We send our client reminder email two weeks before they ran out of their medicines and ask them to order what they only need by phone, email or online account in

Same day travel clinic

We provide walk in travel vaccinations and medicine service – no need for appointment just walk in to our branch. We offer the following travel vaccinations:
Rabies Vaccine: transmitted by warm-blooded animals such as bats and dogs
Japanese B Encephalitis Vaccine: mosquito transmitted disease
Tick Borne Encephalitis Vaccine: transmitted by tick bites
Hepatitis A: transmitted by food or contaminated water Hepatitis
B: transmitted by exposure to infected blood
Typhoid Vaccine: transmitted by food or contaminated water in developing world Diphtheria,
Tetanus and Polio Vaccine: common childhood immunisation
Cholera Vaccine: water borne disease
Meningitis (ACWY): caused by a range of pathogens

Unwanted Medicines

We operate a collection service of medicines from your home if reasonable or alternatively you can send to us the unwanted medicine by registered royal mail to our address.(please Sharps, cytotoxic and needle are excluded). All unwanted medication is disposed of in accordance with legislation and good practice guidelines. Also you can dispose of your unwanted medication by taking it to your nearest community pharmacy. Visit NHS choice to see your nearest pharmacy.

Weight Management

We offer a FREE weight management service, where our Pharmacists offer the advice and support you need to better maintain your health. With consultation sessions, guidelines, and information packs, we can help you achieve your goals of staying fit.

North London Sexual Health Clinic

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